Pausing Raumfeld One with pressing a preset button

Since the Raumfeld-Update to 1.56 which was released on 07/11/2016 the stuff below is not really necessary because when pressing the on/off-button at the front the device activates the standby mode (instead of powering off) in which music can be played very fast by pressing a preset button. It automatically turns on then.

A known problem of the Raumfeld One is that playing audio cannot be stopped with one of the preset buttons. With one of the four buttons you can directly start playing music. But pausing/stopping only works by turning the device off.

It helps to play a song which includes only silence and save this with one of the buttons. With Audacity I created an audio file. Completely without sound and 0s long dit not work. The Raumfeld won’t play it. With a 1s long file I had the problem to press the preset button fast enough. Maybe this would work with playing it repeatly, but I didn’t try. So I created a 30s audio file with silence and saved this with the fourth button.

Now I am able to start listening to my favorite online radio with TuneIn by pressing one button and to stop it without using my smartphone.


You have to be careful not to play music repeatly, otherwise the device would play the silence song repeatly. When you are only listening to online radio this is not a real problem. But do not forget to turn of the repeat mode when listening to an album or so.


Download the m4a-file

Audacity Project Files

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